Trim Rings

What sizes do trim rings come in?

Trim rings come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different wheel sizes and styles. The most common sizes correspond to the diameter of the wheel, measured in inches. Some typical sizes include:

  1. 13-inch trim rings
  2. 14-inch trim rings
  3. 15-inch trim rings
  4. 16-inch trim rings
  5. 17-inch trim rings

These are just a few examples, and you may find trim rings available in other sizes as well. It is essential to choose the appropriate size for your vehicle’s wheels to ensure a proper fit and desired appearance.

When selecting trim rings, keep in mind the specific style of your wheels, as some trim rings are designed for specific wheel types, such as steel wheels, alloy wheels, or wire wheels. Always refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual or consult a professional for guidance on selecting the correct trim ring size and style for your wheels.